We all have differing levels of metabolism and this is down to the rate at which our bodies burn calories. As well as exercising and getting the right amount of sleep, we can give our bodies a helping hand by including lots of the right foods in our diet. Here are our top food picks to boost your metabolism.

Makes friends with Yerba mate

As found in our blend Get Going Green, Yerba mate is well known to provide a wide range of health benefits. It is an amazing ingredient that has higher levels of caffeine than normal tea and cleaner, less volatile release than coffee. It has also been found to slow down digestion, keeping you fuller for longer. So it made sense to add it as one of our 8 ingredients in Get Going Green to stimulate your metabolism in the morning whilst keeping you feeling fuller to keep those cravings at bay. A win win!

Spice it up

Spicy ingredients like chilli peppers, wasabi and cayenne pepper are thermogenic foods which heat up the insides of our bodies, helping the body to burn fat. Curry for dinner, anyone?!

Powered by avocado

Apart from the fact that it’s an excellent food to start the day with, avocado contains plenty of healthy fats that get your metabolism going while maintaining stable blood sugar levels. Add this to the fact that you’ll be less likely to snack, and you can see why avocados can help you maintain a healthy weight. Add this with a cup of Get Going Green and it is the perfect way to start the day!

Eat your kimchi

You’ll find that probiotic-rich foods like the fermented favourite kimchi is beneficial for your gut health and can help reduce bloating. As it makes it easier for your body to break down nutrients properly, it can in turn increase the efficiency of your metabolism.

Get with the beet

If Olympians drink beetroot juice before and after exercise, it’s got to be good for us, right?! A study has shown that after taking it athletes’ muscles worked more efficiently so it’s an ideal addition to your diet especially if you’re sporty. Dont like beetroot? Our Ready Again Rooibos blend has all the same benefits to repair muscles and remove those unwanted toxins. Check it out on our product page